Baosteel Roll has been widely applied to domestic and global cold mills, ferrous mills, SPM as well as straighteners, our rolls have been used for rolling automotive sheet,home appliance board, tin plates, non ferrous strip etc.
The representative customers in China are Baowu Group, Shougang Group, Ansteel Group,Tisco etc.
Baosteel Roll has biggest capacity of the rolls used in MULTI-ROLL MILL. And we supply these rolls to the client who can manufacture the high level silicon steel strip and stainless steel strip.
Baosteel Roll is able to provide all BURs for cold and hot rolling mill (except for heavy strip mill), SPM BURs and ferous mill.
Baosteel Roll has the capability of making the maximum roll diameter 1800cm, the total length 8000cm, and the total weight of 80 tons.
The representative customers in China are Baowu Group, Shougang Group, Ansteel Group,Tisco etc.
Leveling Rolls
Baosteel Roll is experienced in the manufacture of the leveling roll. The work condition can high to more than 800℃。
Baosteel has developed several kinds of the materials for this kind of rolls. The dimensional stability is high. We also have some special material for the special requirements from the different clients.
Other production
Baosteel focus on the forged material rolls, shafts, axis, shells ,staffs and mandrels. The axiality can high to 0.001mm, And the surface roughness can reach Ra 0.1.
The representative customers in overseas market are ABB,RUSAL,Hitachi,Master drilling etc.
BD Roll
Functions and features:BO roll, also known as break down roll, applies in the breakdown mill.Enhanced comprehensive mechanical property (impact resistance and crack resistance)Wide range of manufacturing High life spanChemical composition(Common grade)
Laminar  Roll
Laminar Roll: It is the laminar cooling stage before the finish rolling outlet to the coiler, and is the transmission equipment that provides strip steel conveying.
Mold Copper Plate
Mold Copper Plate is the most critical component of continuous casting mill.It is responsible for the passage of high-temperature molten steel, and at the same time improves the properties of the molten steel.
Continuous Casting Roll
Continuous Casting Roll:It is in direct contact with the casting billet on the crystallizer, the sector and the tension leveler, and its function is to realize the clamping and transportation of the billet during the solidification process.
Zinc Pot Roll
Zinc Pot Roll: The Rolls of zinc pot includes sink rolls, stabilizing rolls and straightening rolls, which are the core components of the pot equipment on the cold rolling hot galvanizing / aluminum zinc / zinc aluminum magnesium production line.